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All England Group are proud to be one of the very few approved installers for the Injectaclad System in the UK. Injectaclad is a tested and regulatory-compliant solution that saves time, is cost-efficient and also causes little disruption to occupied buildings.

Injectaclad is an acrylic based graphite sealant developed by leading fire protection experts. It is used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor construction cavity details, where linear gaps are present within hidden voids that can allow fire and smoke to pass through from one compartment to another.

All England Injectaclad - Injectaclad Service

why Use injectaclad?

Reliable. Smoke, gas, water and airtight. Retrospective cavity barrier repair system. Simultaneous and speedy installation across multiple elevations. Ideal for uneven and irregular cavity construction types. Cost and time effective. Installation causes minimum disruption (ideal for residential properties).

All England Injectaclad - Why use Injectaclad?