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Residential Fire Door Installations

There are several significant fire doors within residential premises, including the front entrance and the communal common areas.

As part of its Enhanced Security Doors programme, All England Group works with a number of suppliers to offer 'PAS 24 Enhanced Security Doors'. These doors are also certified fire doors. By obtaining both certifications, the fire doors are not only compliant but also meet stringent security standards. This contributes to the reduction of crime in housing developments and residential buildings.

With a variety of designs and colours available, all doors can meet the needs of the customer from beginning to end.

All England Fire Doors - Residential Fire Door Installations Service

Commercial Fire Door Installations

For a fire to be contained in one room, internal fire doors are paramount. All England Group's qualified fitters can install internal fire doors and screens in a variety of styles and designs with a choice of features to suit your needs.

In addition to holding IFC installation qualifications, our fire door installers are skilled joiners who specialise in installing modern fire door sets. In order to ensure a compliant installation, we follow the manufacturers' installation guidance, global assessments, industry-accepted guidance, and fire door codes of practice.

Our fully certified fire door installations have resulted in a portfolio of satisfied and assured clients. Education, health care, defence, business, and sports & leisure are among the industries we have worked with.

All England Fire Doors - Commercial Fire Door Installations Service

Fire Door Inspections

In our bespoke report, All England Group provides an assessment of the extent of any issues with fire doors. We determine whether a fire door meets the criteria for passing or failing, and provide remediation/repair solutions to restore it to its original condition.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all fire doors in common parts must be tested quarterly and all flat entrance doors leading to common parts of the building must be tested annually.

All fire door inspections will be conducted by our fully qualified door inspectors, who can schedule, inspect, and provide reports and recommendations.

All England Fire Doors - Fire Door Inspections Service

Fire Door Remediations / Maintenance

In any commercial or residential building, fire doors play a key role in ensuring the safety of the occupants. Only by ensuring that these are maintained in sound condition, assessing their condition and carrying out repairs as soon as problems are identified can we reduce the risk associated with fire that fire doors can prevent.

Fire doors are repaired and maintained by All England Fire Doors in locations throughout All England and the surrounding areas. As a result, fire doors can be made to meet fire safety standards more quickly without the need to fabricate new ones.

In addition to replacing frames and doors, we can perform a number of smaller and larger repairs, including replacing damaged glazing and intumescent gaskets, replacing damaged and failed perimeter seals, rehanging doors on new replacement hinges, re-fixing loose hinges, replacing overhead door closers, replacing lock sets and realigning doors within tolerances

All England Fire Doors - Fire Door Remediations & Maintenance Service

Installation of Partitions & Compartmentations

Just as important as fire doors, is ensuring the at the compartmentalisation in which the doors are installed, are to a compliant standard. All England Group's fire door installers create partition walls and install bespoke screens to suit the required compartmentation based on current or reviewed fire strategies.

This means that new compartments or existing areas, such as storage cupboards or risers, can be brought to the required standards and achieve the correct fire performance.

All England Fire Doors - Installation of Partitions & Compartmentations Service

Bespoke Fire Door Screens & sets

All England Group uses a wide network of manufacturers and suppliers across the industry. We can install bespoke fire door sets and screens to bring them up to current regulations, whilst maintaining compatibility with the users and property in which they sit.

Additionally, we can design high-quality, bespoke door sets and screens to match precise specifications, whether this is for installation within contemporary buildings or upgrading sets within existing premises.

All England Fire Doors - Bespoke Fire Door Screens & Sets Service