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Diamond Core Drilling

Core drilling is a method of drilling a cylindrical hole through a variety of materials, such as concrete, rock, or asphalt. 

The method All England Group uses involves using a diamond-tipped drill bit that is mounted on a core drill rig. The drill bit is driven into the material by a motor, and as the hole is drilled, the material is removed in the form of a cylindrical core, or sample. Core drilling is often used for tasks such as obtaining samples for geotechnical testing, installing plumbing or electrical systems, or for creating holes for anchors or other fasteners. The size of the hole and the depth that it is drilled to can vary depending on the specific task at hand.

All England Diamond Drilling - Diamond Core Drilling Service

Wall & Floor Chasing

Wall and Floor Chasing is performed with grinding or diamond blades to create chases for conduits, pipes, trunking and various construction, plumbing, and electrical installations.

All England Group’s highly skilled workforce and innovative tools enable us to provide precise chasing, resulting in the mandated widths and depths.

Available for all forms of brickwork and blockwork, as well as plastered and rendered surfaces, concrete and screeds. Additionally, if the need arises, we are also capable of providing dust control services.

All England Diamond Drilling - Wall & Floor Chasing Service

Track & Floor Sawing

Track Sawing consists of a track mounted to the structure to which a carriage is fitted, the required blade is then mounted on the machine and can be used vertically or horizontally, on stairs or even on the ceiling. Perfect for doors, vents and windows. It is capable of cutting flush to a wall, the saw is controlled remotely by the operative from a safe distance.

Floor Sawing, also known as concrete sawing, is a method of cutting concrete or asphalt surfaces using a power saw equipped with a diamond blade. The saw is typically mounted on a vehicle or a self-propelled cart and is guided by operators to make precise cuts at a specific depth.

All England Diamond Drilling - Track & Floor Sawing Service

Concrete Crunching & Bursting

Crunching: Ideal for the removal of staircases, walls and other reinforced concrete structures where access can be gained from each side. The cruncher consists of hydraulic pistons pushing against each other to create up to 30 tons of pressure. Silent, vibration free and virtually no dust. If possible, work can also be undertaken using a robotic controlled machine.

Bursting: Designed for the removal of walls over 300mm thick. A series of holes are drilled into the concrete and a high pressure bursting piston is inserted, delivering pressure of up to 250 tons. The process is repeated until all of the concrete has been broken up. Silent, easily manageable and vibration and dust free; ideal for situations where both faces are not present.

All England Diamond Drilling - Concrete Crunching & Bursting Service

Robotic Demolition

All England Group uses Brokk robotic demolition machines to complete even the most difficult demolition projects.

By using these highly innovative demolition robots we can end the life cycle of a building, with safety and efficiency at the forefront.

These mobile robots utilise a variety of end-of-arm tools such as breakers, crushers, drills, or buckets.

All England Diamond Drilling - Robotic Demolition Service