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Penetration Sealing Systems

As per current industry standards Any Penetration passing through a compartment wall or floor must have adequate fire protection, all pipes, cables, ducts etc that have been installed must be sealed to prevent the spread of Fire & smoke.

At All England Fire Protection, we implement an effective and passive fire stop solution that is proven to compartmentalise fire and smoke and maintain the fire resistance of a building.

All England Fire Stopping - Penetration Sealing System Service

Fire barriers

It is essential that fire barriers are used in fire safety. They are designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke, giving people more time to evacuate the building and provide a safer working environment for firefighters. In addition, they can help to reduce the damages caused by a fire, which can save a business from financial ruin. Furthermore, it is important to note that fire safety measures are required by law, not implementing them can result in heavy fines and legal repercussions. As a company, All England Group takes fire safety very seriously, and fire barriers should be an integral part of any building's fire protection system.

All England Fire Stopping - Fire Barriers Service

Compartmentation Surveys

All England Group’s Fire Compartmentation Surveys offers building owners and managers the opportunity to proactively evaluate and improve their fire safety systems. 

Our highly skilled team will perform a comprehensive assessment of your building which is accomplished more efficiently and effectively with the use of advanced technologies, such as thermal imaging.

As part of the survey, the latest and innovative fire protection methods can be implemented to ensure the building uses the latest fire safety technology. 

Furthermore, a fire compartmentation survey can be incorporated into an overall building maintenance program. This allows building owners and managers to address potential fire safety issues before they become critical.

All England Fire Stopping - Compartmentation Surveys Service

Intumescent fireproofing spray

Intumescent fireproofing spray is an innovative solution for providing fire resistance to building materials. It's a specially designed coating that can be applied to steel and other structural elements in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The spray forms a protective char layer when exposed to heat, effectively insulating the steel and slowing down the spread of fire. 

This dynamic process is known as "intumescence" and it creates a physical barrier that can protect building structural components and the people inside during a fire. It's a highly customisable solution, with different thicknesses available depending on the level of fire protection required for a specific project. Not only is it an efficient way to protect buildings and people, but it is an unobtrusive and cost-effective solution, making it a valuable addition to any fire safety plan.

All England Fire Stopping - Intumescent Fireproofing Spray Service

structural steel protection

Steel structures can be protected from the effects of fire by structural steel protection. Despite its inherent strength and durability, steel loses its integrity and strength when exposed to high temperatures. It is therefore crucial to protect steel structures from fire in order to ensure that they can continue to support the loads they were designed to carry.

With a gypsum-based fire protection board, All England Group is able to provide 1- and 2-hour fire protection for structural steel that is likely to undergo impact, particularly for universal columns and beams. This is a frameless system offering 1- and 2-hour fire protection for universal columns and beams.

All England Fire Stopping - Structural Steel Protection Service